TUOI Pause
Seating system

Pause is the new ergonomic seating collection that combines ultimate comfort with radically simplified aesthetics.

Architect Alain Berteau imagined and designed the reclining chair with all the utility of ergonomically correct furniture and the panache of top aesthetic design. Its elegant appearance belies the many comforts it offers to a vintage body seeking safe harbour. Styled in exactly the same language, the 2,5 seater combines perfectly with the reclining chair to create beautiful seating arrangements for living rooms or waiting areas. 


hidden Mechanisms

Mechanisms are cleverly hidden and controlled with discreet, touch-sensitive buttons. Fingertip pressure reclines the backrest, unfolds the footrest, tilts the headrest to the perfect angle, transforms it to a daybed, or engages a feature to help the user arise from the seated position.


Heating system

The heating system gently soothes mature backs and makes a warm cocoon that allows for a slightly cooler and less stuffy ambient room temperature. Comfort and aesthetics are elegantly integrated in the chair that anyone will find inescapably appealing. TUOI created the Pause system especially to caress mature bodies and delight eyes of all ages.


all in one

The TUOI Pause reclining chair features discrete, touch-sensitive buttons, multiple reclined positions, an adjustable footrest and a headrest that adapts to neck condition and sensitivities. The chair is equipped with self-stabilizing casters and sliders under the feet for easy relocation. An assist-arise feature, integrated heating option and integrated accu offer further customisation.


various materials

The Pause collection, including the reclining chair and the 2,5 seater, can be upholstered in a range of durable, washable textiles and leather.


TUOI_Pause Drawing.jpg