Sleeping system

Sound sleep is precious for the pure pleasure of it and is essential to good health and waking up with a smile. 

However, proper sleeping conditions vary with each individual, and differences can cause discomfort for people sharing a bed. TUOI Mute is an innovative response to varying sensitivities to sound, light, and fresh air, in the form of an adjustable headboard [A]. Integrated nightstands [B] resolve the issue of bedside storage.


sweet dreams

Upholstered using Recticel acoustic foam, Mute blends into modern décor without broadcasting its comfort super powers. When the divider is opened up between the pillows, in the centre of the bed, sounds from a snoring partner or an open window are muted. If one person needs to read late, the light won’t bother the early riser. When illness strikes, Mute provides a modest barrier to bacteria-laden exhalations.

The unit can stand on its own, with no danger of tilting, and thus can be placed anywhere and used as a room divider. Designed the TUOI way to satisfy Silver Age practicalities with agelessly handsome design. After all, sweet dreams are important at any age. 


various materials

Mute is available in a variety of fabric exteriors. The nightstands are finished in white lacquer. Each unit promises to mute sounds and light, keep night time items close at hand, with integrated night stands and provide a cosy, semi-private cocoon. Mute fits standard beds measuring 1m60, 1m80 and 2m00 wide.


Available soon. 

TUOI_Mute Drawing.jpg