Storage system

Invented by architect and designer Alain Berteau, TUOI Hold defines a new generation of storage system.

Unique and versatile, one distinguishing aspect is the elegant, discreet, yet perfectly ergonomic integration of a solid and practical handrail in the handle. This convenient detail allows anyone, regardless of age or condition, to stand comfortably and securely. In fact, when contiguous Hold units line a wall, the handle allows a stable handrail from end to end.


Smart functionalities

The other stellar innovation is that the clothes rail and hanging organiser can be pulled down and toward the user. No more standing on chairs, stools, boxes, or other unstable surfaces, and no more wrenched shoulders. Access is easy for everyone, including those confined to a seated position.

Closets are automatically illuminated when the doors are open, to make finding things easier and safer. Hold is decisively the solution for safety, ergonomic support and good looks, equally useful and pleasing to grandparents, grandchildren, and everyone in between.


various finishes

Hold is available in a variety of beautiful, durable finishes, from anthracite metal to oak.


TUOI_Hold Drawing.jpg