TUOI Hilow
Bathroom cabinetry

The search for the perfect bathroom furniture is over. Axel Enthoven has designed TUOI Hilow cabinetry to solve the elevation challenge with two vanity heights, each with its own washbasin, plenty of storage, and comfortably curved touchpoints.

Applying makeup, brushing teeth, styling hair or shaving can be done in comfort and safety, seated or standing. The lower level accommodates small children as well, in case of young visitors.


Stylish & practical

The design’s gentle curves and handle-free cabinets result in clean lines. They also eliminate the risk of bumping into sharp edges or protrusions, especially when pulling a seat up close. Within easy reach but tidily stored inside the cabinet are the means to power or recharge any small appliance, and a large magnifying mirror.

An integrated camera and screen provide an effortless 360° view. The sectioned drawer makes finding and stowing items simple. Hilow is imminently stylish and inarguably practical; why wait for the Silver Age to enjoy living with beautiful functionality?


various finishes & options

Hilow is available in different set-ups and three finishes. Storage can be augmented with a matching wall unit. A stable, matching stool completes the concept.

Each unit can be equipped with a magnifying mirror, power outlets, two USB ports, a sturdy, attached towel bar, built-in organisers in the drawers, mirror-fronted, hinged doors, LED lighting and an integrated camera.


TUOI_Hilow Drawing.jpg