“TUOI” is the Vietnamese word for “age”, and in Vietnamese culture, age is more than just a number. 


Age is a positive force, of cherished wisdom and perspective, to be treasured, respected, and loved. Like the Vietnamese and many other cultures, we believe age should be celebrated and appreciated. TUOI believes that beautiful, elegant products can help you enjoy the present without compromising on comfort, safety or functionality.

the silver age

TUOI aspires to design products and services that make life easier for the silver age and are equally appealing to all generations.


Projections for Belgium up to the year 2060 show that life expectancy will increase, in tandem with a stabilizing birth rate. As a result, by 2060 the population of people 67 and over will count for 22.5% of the total population, as opposed to 16.1% in 2016.



At TUOI we believe beautiful, elegant products can help you enjoy the present without compromising on comfort, safety or functionality.


With age come the gifts of deeper experience and a broader perspective, yet also the challenge of a greater need for creature comforts. TUOI offers the growing mature population a new response to living well.

Our products are equipped with thoughtful features for ease of use and safety as much as they are conceived to be aesthetically enriching. Our understanding of changing physical abilities, combined with our creativity and experience, inspires us to design eminently functional products that align with your pleasure in the art of living. TUOI design is ageless, desirable at any stage of life, because in everything we do beauty goes without saying.

TUOI is about enjoying every moment in comfort, style, and safety.

Axel Enthoven

Axel Enthoven is an internationally renowned product designer. He has extensive experience designing furniture, as well as luxury products, busses, trams and trains.


Enthoven has won many awards over the years, and in 2004 he received the Henry van de Velde lifetime achievement award for his pioneering work in the design sector.

He studied Industrial Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, followed by a de-sign program in Tokyo and engineering studies in Cleveland. He started out as a self-employed designer in 1970 and created several successful design studios in the years to come, one of which still thrives today. Enthoven was Dean of the De-partment of Mobility at the Design Academy Eindhoven and guest professor of Product Development at the National Higher Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning in Antwerp.


Alain Berteau

Since 2002, architect designer Alain Berteau and his team have been developing products, buildings and creative strategies, inventing equipment, lighting, accessories, indoor and outdoor furniture collections for both residential and contract markets.

Working with many renowned national and international leading brands, his agency has won numerous design awards and his work is now part of several international design museums’ collections. Alain Berteau is also very active in the academic world, as a design professor at La Cam-bre (2003-2013) and currently at CAD (2014-) school of Arts in Brussels, Belgium.

Happy creator of very successful products, always looking for lasting relevance and versatile convenience, Alain Berteau’s influential body of work is recognized for its decisive functional innovation and surprisingly smart eco-friendly solutions.